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Engine 1 – 2000 International Pumper Truck – features a 1,250 gpm pump,  a 1,000 gal. tank; 20 gals. of Class “A” foam, 1,250′ LDH, generator and lights.

Engine 2 – 1970 Dodge 4×4, 350 gpm pump, 300 gal. tank, back tanks, forestry tools.      This truck is designed for fighting brush fires.     It is small, highly maneuverable, and able to get equipment and a limited amount of water to off-road sites quickly.

Engine 3 – 1990 Dodge 4×4 mini-pumper, 350 gpm pump, 250 gal. tank, lights,      extrication equipment, traffic control signs, generator,  500′ of 2.5″ supply line.   This small, versatile fire engine is sent to almost every type of incident, including all automobile accidents and fires.


FOR SALE BY SEALED BID – Contact Chief Lilly at (207) 737-9434  or  Dresden Town Office at (207) 737-4335

Tanker 4 For Sale – 1991 Autocar – 1,000 gpm pump, 3,100 gal. tank, 1500 gal. porta-tank 1,000′ LDH.   This tanker truck has one of the largest water capacities of any fire truck in southern Maine.



Ladder 5 – Purchased in 2019 through the vote of the town to trade our Engine 5 that we had been trying to sell, along with a donation of $2,000.00 from the Dresden Fire Association and the remainder from the Fire Department budget.  We were very fortunate to have been able to acquire this very special apparatus for our community.

Rescue 2 2000 Ford E-350 – Ambulance converted to a rescue squad to haul traffic signs, cones, cold water suits, lights and some extrication equipment.  It is also used for firefighter rehab at scenes.

Rescue Boat – 16′ Maritime Skiff used for any water emergency.


FOR SALE BY SEALED BID – Contact Chief Lilly at (207) 737-9434 or Dresden Town Office at (207) 737-4335

Engine 6 For Sale  – 1996 Pierce – 1,500 gpm pump, 1,000 gal. tank, 1,000′ LDH,   miscellaneous equipment.   We acquired this impressive truck from the Town of Wiscasset.   Originally put in service in W. Nyack, NY, it is the most sophisticated apparatus on the Dresden Fire Department.   It was purchased for less than $17,000 through a surplus equipment program, but is in excellent shape.


Rescue UTV – 2014 Polaris 6×6 UTV. This equipment was purchased through the efforts of fundraising and the generous donation from the former local ATV Club. It is available for many types of rescue or firefighting in areas where standard apparatus cannot access.

Jewett Station (Sta. #1) – Jewett Station is located in Dresden Mills near the   intersections of Routes 27 and 197. It was our original fire station until we   needed one with more room and larger bays for the size of the apparatus.         At present, it is where we keep our Engine 3 so we have faster response and coverage in that part of the town.  The station was named for Alvin & Leona Jewett who had both been significant to the fire department for many years.

Station 2 and Pownalborough Hall

Pownalborough Station (Sta. #2) – Pownalborough Station, located in the western part of town at the intersection of Routes 128 and 197, houses most of our front-line apparatus and equipment.  This new eight-bay station has offices for the Chief, Assistant Chief, an area for the EMA director, a lounge and warming area when needed.  Prior to the townspeople voting to build a new, much needed, station, many of the trucks were ‘tucked’ into the Pownalborough Hall that you see on the left of the station.  After the new station was completed, the Hall got a remodel back to its original status and is now used by the fire department for training, as an emergency shelter…by the town for meetings and voting….by various town committees for meetings and, on occasion, for special events.  We are very thankful to the taxpayers/residents of our town for affording this great new building.



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